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This Shamanic Wisdom and Energy Healer Training for both beginners & more experienced healers builds on an ever expanding palette of colourful skills which you will be able to share with friends, family & clients.

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Throughout this course you will:

  • Develop the skills of a Shamanic Energy Healer
  • Receive the theory taught in live Zoom classes
  • Download 5 training manuals
  • Receive the Shamanic Energy Healer Initiation
  • Earn 4 Certificates
  • Have the opportunity to attend additional live bonus Zooms & watch many pre-recorded classes
  • Have multiple opportunities to practice your skills in safe spaces
  • Be a member of a vibrant community of like-minded, like-hearted healers

In Addition

Level 1 Energy Healer certificates will be awarded on completion of the first module after which you can get insurance to work professionally.

Membership of a community of healers for mutual support & growth

Access to Facebook & other social media groups to help with the growth of your healing business & to be a part of a growing family of like-minded people

Invitations to participate in social gatherings & healing events

The course includes 6 powerful modules

that can be completed at your own pace.

The Fundamentals of Shamanic Energy Healing

Stripped of all religious dogma, this module contains all the background information to learn about healing. Everything we really should have been taught at school about practical spirituality including how to:

  • Strengthen ourselves through our connection with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Creative Principles.
  • Open & hold a channel of pure Divine Healing Energy
  • Use your breath & body as powerful healing tools.
  • Create & manifest a better reality for yourself & the world.
  • Protect yourself from & clear negative energy.
  • Begin today with this module.

Shamanic Energy Healing 101

The Foundation of this course:

This module contains everything you will need to be able to perform Shamanic Energy Healing both for yourself and another person from start to finish to a professional standard. It also includes the Shamanic Energy Healer Initiation Ceremony to open your channels wider for you to receive & send more healing energy.

Because we want you to be out there helping people as soon as possible, on completion of this assisted self study module, you will receive your first certificate & be able to work as a professional healer. This means you could be earning an income or even a living within a month of beginning your training.

In this module, there is plenty of theory as well as exercises to increase awareness and sensitivity and of course, lots of opportunity to practice. Lessons include how to:

  • Channel energy.
  • Prepare yourself & the space before a healing.
  • Multidimensional spacial awareness.
  • Use your breath and body to enhance energy flow.
  • How to create and influence reality with your mind.
  • Protect yourself from and not to pick up negative energy from clients..
  • Perform opening and closing rituals and how to hold space.
  • Much more…
  • This module lives on our membership site so you can begin studying immediately & book your live class with Copal as soon as you are ready

Note that each of the modules listed below take place live on Zoom over a weekend and repeat often so you will always find dates to suit you.

Shamanic Energy Healing of the Mind & Energy Body

This module is a much deeper look into the human condition. This module explores 12 chakras and how all of our patterns, programs, childhood conditioning and even past life traumas are locked up in these energy centers. We explore techniques to clear them. We then:

  • Introduce our first Shamanic Healing tool: The pendulum and learn how to use it to amplify our awareness and sensitivity as we experience how it confirms what our intuition already knows.
  • Learn the powerful Chakra Tune Up Technique to quickly align and clear negative energies, make sure the chakras spin in the right direction and power up the auric field.
  • Much more…
  • Choose from multiple dates to attend this live, online weekend module

Shamanic Energy Healing Through Time and Space

Though some remote techniques are taught in 1st section, this module is a much more detailed exploration of the infinite possibilities available with remote or distance healing. It includes:

  • Hands Free Healing
  • Techniques for channeling blind
  • Bending time & space (this will blow your mind!)
  • 3 types of Surrogate Healing
  • How to use portals, photos or Zoom for healing
  • Using crystals to send healing
  • Harnessing the elements
  • Much more…
  • Choose from multiple dates to attend this live, online weekend module

The Glowing Path of an Empath

Empaths are the most powerful healers but only once they have learned to use their abilities. Sadly, most empaths are so over-burdened by emotional energy that they struggle to maintain their own centre in peace.

This module teaches how to make sense of it all and turn what may feel like the ‘curse of an empath’ into a blessing and even a superpower.

  • What is an empath
  • How do I know if I’m an empath?
  • Secrets to an empath’s wellbeing
  • The tools of an empath
  • Boundaries
  • Working with emotional energy
  • Your superpowers
  • Much more
  • Choose from multiple dates to attend this live, online weekend module

Your successful Healing Practice

Once we have cleared out out the self limiting beliefs & financial blocks and created new, more realistic ones around money, we can get to the practicalities of setting up a successful, thriving healing practice. We will use power of social media to attract clients and bring abundance into your life.

  • The practicalities of setting up a healing practice
  • Behind the scenes look at running your business
  • Attracting rather than looking for clients
  • How much to charge
  • Using social media
  • Much more…
  • Choose from multiple dates to attend this live, online weekend module

FREE Additional Membership Benefits (Worth £2250)

In addition to the 5 Modules of training is a year's membership to the Support Community. This includes:

Weekly Zoom Calls

Each week, we will get together for a live Zoom class. As well as a certain amount of “Free-Flow-Copal” and Q&A sessions these calls will also offer:

  • Additional classes
  • Guest speakers on other aspects of healing not taught by Copal
  • Case study support
  • Practical guidance on stepping out as a healer
  • Support for personal challenges in spiritual life
  • Discussions on various subjects that affect us as healers and humans evolving in these times like: mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, getting over abuse, relationships etc.
  • Much more…

Many of these are recorded so you’ll have access as long as you have an active membership.

Access to our Discord community

With all the changes happening in the world, Copal really felt the call to hold our tribe of healers together more than ever so he created a community space online where we can meet, socialise, exchange healings, co-study & much more.

Our own private social media platform where we can truly be ourselves. where we are met & held. Where we can support each other through our lows & cheer each other's wins.

You'll have access to this platform when you join the course & no doubt make some life-long friendships.

Monthly Public Healing Events

These events that take place over Zoom, are open to members of the public to come receive healings from us. They provide us with many opportunities to:

• Practice our skills
• Try out many different techniques and ways to perform healings
• Get through your case studies in a supported environment
• Meet potential paying clients & expand your network

Private Facebook Community

Access to our exclusive private Facebook group to connect with our extended tribe of healers.

Awesome posts that you can share on your own walls to promote yourself & healing in general
Weekly AMA posts & lives with Answers.
Our exclusive private Facebook group to connect with our extended tribe of healers. Access to:

Public Facebook Group

Access to our Public Facebook Group where you can find people to be your case studies & also access to paying clients once you are qualified.

Exclusive Extra Bonuses (Worth £1000)

for subscribers on the Best Value Plan

Private 1-1 Sessions with Copal

Each BVP member will receive two 1-1 sessions with Copal. These could be:

• Healings
• Readings
• Private Coaching
• Shamanic Ceremony

Free Promotion of Your Services

Students on the Best Value Plan benefit from Copal’s extensive Social media reach to promote you & your healing services with 7 posts over the year to an audience of over 25,000 followers.

Monthly Mastermind Club

Each month students on the Best Value Plan get to meet on Zoom.

We share time focussed on each members life, challenges, spiritual practices & do mastermind sessions to support each person to grow & evolve on every level.

The World Needs More Healers

There are 3 price options to pay for the course:


• The Installment Plan:

The full price on a monthly payplan is

£1,296 a month over 3 months

but right now you’ll pay 3 payments of just


(less than half price)

Spread the payments out with 3 monthly installments of £599 (£1,797 in total).  This includes all 6 modules plus a year’s membership, all the weekly classes, events & other bonuses.


• The Best Value Package:

The full price of this course is


but right now you’ll pay just


(more than 2 thirds off)

Get even more money off & gain an extra £1000 worth of value when you join the course with a one off payment of £1,512. This gives you access to all of the above plus the additional bonus content (2x 1-1 sessions with Copal, free promotion of your service & Inclusion in the Mastermind Sessions which are tremendously powerful for your personal growth.


• The Sponsorship Plan:

Pay nothing

It is possible, through the magic of Crowd-Funding, to not only have the course paid for you by future would be clients, but also to have full support to set up your own healing practice/business so that within a short amount of time you could have a powerful additional income or even make a living as an energy healer.

All the templates & structures are in place to set this up for you & all you will need is dedication & a few hours a week to earn while you learn. All that’s required is a down payment of £108 to begin.

Join the sponsorship program here

Book a Discovery call with Copal to find out more about this or choose one of the two fantastic plans below

Book now and choose how much you pay.

Choose the Best Value Plan or pay a deposit to secure your place & pay the balance in installments.

Please note there are limited places & previous courses have been full.  Some people who wanted to attend were sadly not able to.

We recommend you book your place early.

Payment Plan

£ 599

x 3 months
Spread the payments out with 3 monthly installments of £599. (Total cost £1,797).
This includes:
  • All 6 modules
  • A year’s free membership to the community support platforms
  • All the additional weekly classes, events & other bonuses.

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Best Value PlanMost Popular

£ 1,512

One off payment
Access this best Value Package with a one off payment £1,512.
This gives you all of the benefits of the Payment Plan plus the additional exclusive bonuses:
  • Two 1-1 sessions with Copal
  • Free promotion of your healing services through All of Copal’s Social Media platforms
  • Monthly Mastermind Sessions which are tremendously powerful for your growth in all areas of your life.

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What others say about Copal & the Shamanic Energy Healer Training

I loved Copal's humble approach to us and the great teaching that he shared. Since the training, I feel so much better and I feel like that this is just the beginning of a different future for me

~ Laura ~A different future for me UK

I've waited a long time for this and it was worth it for sure. I look forward to Modules 2 & 3.
So great to meet the community too.

~ Ali ~Personal Coach UK

A great course to attend whether you have experience in this field or not.
Copal's teachings are going to take my healing journey to the next level

~ Candice ~Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Wellness Specialist UK

The courses really helped me get in tune with myself I learned so much about energy emotions chakras grounding. I've done reiki and prefer shamanic. Also being so sensitive it really helped me become an effortless empath. Also I learned a lot about cleansing
🙏🏾 thank you for your teaching 💚 aho

Kimberley Binta SaideManchester UK

Thank you guys for a fabulous course and Copal for empowering us all and facilitating our learning and journeys to healing 💕
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Bernadette O'Shea:Oxford UK

Thank you Copal Daselva for taking time to share your wisdom and knowledge helping us help ourselves and others along their spiritual journey! It is a uniquely wonderful experience taking his courses and I'm honored and love being a part of our healer family. It has changed my life and brought the best loving and wise people into my life! Much gratitude to all my healer family and those taking this fundamentals course for allowing me to share this experience with you. Sending lots of love to all my brothers and sister ❤

Andrea EblingUSA

What will you say after attending this life changing Course?

Your nameWe can't wait to see

Wooooowwwwwwweeeeeee!!!!! What a weekend! ✨💜🌟🙏🏼🦋✨. Soooooo grateful to share it with all of you beautiful souls ✨💜✨. In these times whilst we can’t gather in person it’s been soooooo amazing to be able to gather this way and feel so much beautiful healing energy and light ✨💜✨. Thank you so so so much Copal, you’re an incredible teacher and share so deeply from your heart, thank you for all you do 🙏🏼💜✨

Laura Devonshire:UK

I absolutely loved every moment of this weekend. Sharing space with such beautiful souls it was just beautiful and always brings that feeling of being home. Was definitely needed and has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone with video calls which I'm really grateful for. Love you all ✨💜✨
Thank you for being part of my healing journey xxx


We felt really close even though we are so far away and its so gorgeous to connect with you all more deeply, understand more about your journeys and what you're experiencing right now. I've found its so healing to be able to do that on my path so far, but being part of this group which is such an incredible container for us all over a long period is incredible heart

Jen MossThis course is awesome online

The course has helped me tremendously with my own spiritual work but as Copal say you also meet family. Yes it is an awesome course. Highly recommend it.

Malin MartellyBarbados

being an empath was a struggle for me but this course has helped tremendously with helping me establish and strengthen my boundaries. I love being an empath, it's one of my gifts along with medium abilities

anonEmpath UK

Copal is an amazing teacher. He is patient, committed, very knowledgeable, full to the brim with light and has an excellent sense of humour.

DawnGrandmother UK

Thank you so so so much Copal, you're an incredible teacher and share so deeply from your heart, thank you for all you do


Thank you so so so much Copal, you're an incredible teacher and share so deeply from your heart, thank you for all you do


I really enjoyed the Shamanic Energy Healing course with Copal. He held space perfectly over the few days, and created a wonderful environment for learning.

GabiYoga teacher UK

I learn so much with Copal. His insights, experience & skills make learning fun and life changing


"Since completing the course I have been seeing signs I'm on the right path."

Lazo FreemanHow has the course changed my life?