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A question about love to the Tarot

By October 26, 2021No Comments

This fascinating reading for a friend we’ll call Emily was done over the phone. I decided it needed to be written up as the progression of cards up the column on the right hand side was something I had not seen before and beautifully illustrated the message that came through.

Emily’s question was relating to her love life, she’d had some bad experiences the past with a few men who’d turned out to be, how can I put this tactfully? Nutters!!! Feeling her clock ticking, Emily yearned to be settled in a stable relationship.

I’ve laid the cards in the Celtic Cross spread.

The first card, at the centre of the cross which is obscured by the second, is the Ace of Pentacles. A symbol of a new beginning. The first steps of a journey to a better place full of the promise of good things. A positive card to start any reading.

Crossing the Ace is The Queen of Cups (Emily) has a lot of overwhelming emotions that are confusing the situation. (Emily really resonated with this)

Above (or ahead in the direction Emily is heading) is the Knight of Swords who is passionately galloping at full speed towards her goal of finding her man. The trouble is, she can’t really focus as things are moving past so fast it’s all a blur. While the excitement is high the goal is not getting any closer and Emily is as blinkered as the horse.

Below: the foundation of her issue for this reading is the 3 of Swords. Emotional troubles and heartache: more than once. There are several repeating patterns that kept her stuck in a habit of choosing unsuitable men.

Behind her, the 6 of Swords indicating that while it is true there have been rough times with relationships, in reality things have been slowly improving but there’s still a way to go.

The Queen of Swords offers us the first pearl of wisdom. She advises Emily to be more like her. Cool headed and very discerning. The Queen uses her rational mind in harmony with the heart. She may well like a man for any number of reasons but if he is somewhat unhinged mentally, he’s unlikely to make a long term commitment or be a good father. He is therefore a bad choice of partner for Emily no matter how much she likes him.

The Lovers card; in this case is suggesting that Emily (the long haired blonde girl) keep her eye fixed on the ultimate prize: her spiritual well-being, depicted by the heavenly figure in the top of the card. The right man (funnily enough, the man on the right) would not only be interested in her but be walking the same path.

The card above: The Moon: is the smoky mirror in which Emily has thus far seen her situation. Interestingly, this card also depicts 2 figures this time a dog and a wolf (her wild and domestic sides) looking up at another celestial body, which in this case represents her conditioning and programing that lead her to make her choices of partner thus far. Also it could be said that her domestic nature has been calling in wild men who are not on the same path.

The hermit is encouraging her to focus within, to shine a light on her conditioning and to unpick the knots that keep her bound to her current patterns. Then she can make progress along her path.

The last card in the spread, the 5 of cups is a reminder that while there has been a lot of spilled milk in the past, there is a wealth of experience to draw upon and when Emily does find her man, she will be much better prepared for the long lasting loving partnership she is calling in.

I’d like to thank Emily for permission to write and post this article. As students of tarot we can learn a lot from looking at readings and how other readers interpret the cards.

Emily’s reflection was positive. She agreed with the insights I was able to share and the advice to her felt sound. We wish her all the love in the world. I have no doubt that her prince will come riding into her life at the most perfect moment.

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