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Do your service without attachment to the fruits of your labour

By October 26, 2021No Comments

Many years ago I met a hare Krishna monk who gave me a fantastic piece of advice. He told me to do my service (my work) without attachment to the fruits of my labour. This was probably the most powerful piece of advice that I’ve ever been given; let me explain why.

Our worldly work is really little more than what we must do to keep body and soul together. If we however, dedicate our work as an act of service to the Divine, everything we do becomes spiritual. This means that working in an office, driving a bus, whatever work we have to do – even cleaning toilets can become a spiritual activity.

This is called Bhakti Yoga. The word Yog in Sanskrit means link. Yoga is about linking with God. Bhakti means devotional service. A Bhakti yogi connects with the Divine through transforming mundane activities into a path to liberation.

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