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Power Animals – Bee

By October 26, 2021No Comments

I was asked recently about the meaning of Bee as a totem so I thought to share that here too.

Bees represent generosity, community, teamwork, humility, harmony & selfless service.

They speak of the value of a simple & honest life of service. They don’t dream of being elsewhere or doing other things. They’d rather get stuck in & play their part serving the greater good.

Bees have a hive mind so are telepathic & communicate through dance & movement Bee is a master of body language. Perhaps he is inviting you to be aware of what others are really saying underneath their words. Perhaps Bee is suggesting you become aware of your own body language.

Tony Robbins, an amazing teacher of mine explains so well how “motion is connected to emotion.” How the way we hold our body, our posture, effects our emotional state. When sad for example, where do we hold our shoulders? Are we looking up or down? What about our facial muscles? It is IMPOSSIBLE to feel sad if we have a smile on our face, our head is up & we are breathing deeply. So we can actually fake it till we make it: trick the mind into being happy by adjusting the body. Adopting a posture with the chest out, arms unfolded, palms up actually lifts the spirits. If you are prone to depression or are feeling down: Bee is reminding you to take control of your mind through your body.

Bee is in total harmony with his environment & lives exclusively to serve his queen, mother of the hive. Much like native tribes of South America serve Pachamama who provides for all their needs, bees, being the worlds pollinators also feed us all like lots of tiny mothers. They are so worthy of our respect & gratitude.

The bumblebee is seen by some as the symbol of the yogi as they can regulate their own body temperature & represent longevity.

The lesson of Bumblebee is to become focused. Whether to awaken us into the moment, or to teach us to become fully engaged in our creative endeavours, the key is to focus with intention and be single-minded in purpose. The bee also shows
us that all life is interdependent.

Ask Bee for help when:

You need help communicating with other people.
You question if you are aligned with your goals in life.
You wish to heed your inner voice and wisdom.

Access Bee’s power by

Extracting the sweetness of life.
Being productive while the sun shines
Pursuing your dream, no matter how great it seems..

For more info or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here: or log in to leave a comment below.

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