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Power Animals – Squirrel

By October 26, 2021No Comments

I decided to draw a card for whoever sees this post. I pulled out my (Ryder) Tarot cards, took a deep breath, looked out of the window & saw a squirrel scampering up a tree across the river.

Your card is Squirrel from the Medicine Wheel Deck.

Squirrel seems mostly about planning ahead but when we observe her in her natural state, she’s often in a frantic state zipping around quite erratically. This behaviour while, helpful in avoiding predators can make Squirrel quite hard to handle. Are you having to deal with difficult people? Perhaps stepping back & simply observing will save you from the scratches & bites suffered from getting too close.
Are YOU being difficult to handle? Would slowing down prevent you from driving other people nuts?

Squirrel is expert in reserving something for the future. That may of course be a judgement or an opinion as much as food or money. He teaches us to gather & store for times of need. There is tremendous peace of mind that comes from assuring security so that one can let go of fears & worries & enjoy the moment.

While Squirrel honours the future by being prepared for hard times, (even if they never come) don’t over do it. One of Squirrel’s greatest talents is that of balance. Perhaps you have squirelled away too much & it’s time to let some things go. That could just as easily be thoughts or worries as the stuff piling up in the shed or the backs of drawers. Also consider defragging your mind too just like a hard drive. Spend some time meditating. It is indeed an investment in your future. Meditators tend, after all, to live longer.

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Blessings on your life. May you be happy, healthy & at peace.

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