Empath Training


The Glowing Path of an Empath

Live weekend modules on Zoom:

March 4-5th &/or November 11-12th 2023


Are you an empath?

Are people always dumping their emotional baggage on you? Can you feel everyone else’s pain & emotions inside your own body? Do you feel overwhelmed? Does it feel more like a curse than a blessing?

You are not alone

There are perhaps millions of untrained empaths in the world who suffer like this every day. It can lead to a life of isolation, depression & a long list of medically unexplainable physical ailments. But you are not cursed you just have not learned how to master your gifts.

Become an empowered empath

In this two day course we dive deeply into what it means to be an empowered empath & how you can live a life free from these burdens. We will not turn your empathy off but show you how you can manage all the energies you perceive so you can actually feel more like a super hero than a martyr.

There will be plenty of theory as well as practical exercises & amazing techniques to clear your system from other people’s energies that have been weighing you down.

This is a certificated course (as long as you have completed Shamanic Energy Healing 101)


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