Shamanic Energy Healing of the Mind and Energy Body (M2)

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Shamanic Energy Healing of the Mind and Energy Body

8 week course on Zoom beginning:

Feb 21st 2024


Also known as Module Two: 

This is a deep dive into the human condition. We explore 12 chakras and how all of our patterns, programs, childhood conditioning, genetic/ancestral influence and even past life traumas are locked up in our cells as well as in these important energy centers. We learn techniques to clear them and then:


Introduce our first Shamanic Healing tools:

  • The Feather Fan used for smudging and so much more &
  • The pendulum and learn how to use it to amplify our awareness and sensitivity as we experience how it confirms what our intuition already knows.
  • Learn the powerful Chakra Tune Up Technique to quickly align and clear negative energies, make sure the chakras spin in the right direction and power up the auric field.

The course is delivered in easy to digest classes in both video and written formats. You study the material in your own time before our weekly group call on Zoom where we can go into more detail, answer you questions and investigate all sorts if interesting tangents.

As per our financial equality policy, this course has a 3 tier price-plan & you can choose to pay from the following options the one most appropriate for your circumstances:

£399 Full Price

£333 Low income

£299 Concessions

This page will collect only your £51 deposit which guarantees your place on the course.

Copal will contact you directly to give you the Zoom links and share details for your balance transfer which is due anytime up to a week before the start date.

(Please note that deposits are non refundable but potentially transferable to another person or course with enough notice.)

This module is included in the Full program: The Year of Magic (YOM) but can be taken individually. You must have either completed Shamanic Energy Healing 101 or can otherwise prove you are ready to take part in this module.


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