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Shamanic Energy Healer Scholarship Program


Earn while you learn & get your training sponsored



Begin by putting down a £108 deposit to open your account.

You’ll then have lifetime access to The Fundamentals of Shamanic Energy Healing: the first module of this powerful training (normally £138) & we will help you every step of the way through getting your training sponsored to setting up & running a successful healing practice of your own.

• How do I know if this program is for me?

Ask yourself the following questions then this is definitely for you.

1) Are you spiritually minded, want to grow & evolve & help others to do the same?
2) Do you want to learn Shamanic Energy Healing?
3) Are you ready to kiss your financial troubles goodbye & become the healer your community & the world needs you to be?
4) Can you commit to at least a few hour week to the sponsorship program?

If you answered yes, this is definitely for you so click below to get started

If you answered no: you’re welcome to donate so that someone else can become a healer?

Click here to donate

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