Shamanic Energy Healing 101 (Live in Person)

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This life changing live-in-person weekend workshop will give you everything you need to channel high quality Shamanic Energy Healings for yourself and other people from start to finish including opening and closing rituals, using your breath and body as powerful healing tools and many other inspiring techniques.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Protect yourself from negative energy from clients or other people.
  • Create and manifest a better reality for yourself and the world and know how to harness the power of prayer in the Shamanic way

You’ll also receive the Shamanic Healer Initiation and on completion of the course be awarded a certificate of professional qualification and be able to call yourself a Shamanic Energy Healer.

Our financial equality policy offers a 3 tier price plan and you can choose to pay either the:

  1. Full Price of: £444
  2. Lower Income Tier: £333
  3. or Concessions Price: £254

This page will allow you to place a £51 deposit to secure your place and you’ll then have until the week before the course to settle the remaining balance of whichever price tier you feel is most suitable.

Please specify in “Order Notes” in the check out which course dates you’re booking for.

Dates currently available:

Brighton April 27-28th 2024

there are currently no other dates available, as they are often full, you’re welcome to put down a flexible deposit & be at the top of the waiting list for the next courses

All weekend workshops run from 10:10am to 17:17 (though we allow until 18:18 in case we over run)


4 reviews for Shamanic Energy Healing 101 (Live in Person)

  1. Nikki Price

    I had been asking spirit to be shown the right teacher to progress in my energy healing learnings and was then introduced to Copal via a mutual friend. I injoyed his energy so decided to book on to his course . Being present with Copals teachings was amazing it wasn’t so much as just showing us what to do, but helping us remember why we’re here on this path. I loved the interagration of Copals own twists aswell with the gates & 12d body activation etc. The knowledge & wisdom seeped in effortlessly, everyone in the class was receiving & giving powerful healings by the end of the weekend. Truly greatfull for this experience and I feel ready to step into my path of being an healing assistant for the divine. I will be joining more courses in future. Thank you Copal ❤️

  2. Jessica Capizzi

    I am very grateful for being able to experience such a great blessed weekend. It was beautiful. Filled with beautiful souls.
    Thank you Copal for sharing your gifts with us and creating such a beautiful space 🙂

    Highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. Greta Mak

    Upon my deep wish, I found Copal as my teacher and guide. I really enjoyed the Shamanic Energy Healing 101 (online and live) course with Copal. It was very useful, it was wonderfully guided and very detailed. I got to learn new channeling techniques, as well as improved the ones I had already had. He taught us how to prepare ourselves, how to present ourselves, how to be there for a client, and the best practical ways of how to do the channeling, as well as how to connect to the divine and the astral realm. The course was very cozy, in a pleasant environment, very balanced. I loved both, how he presented himself, how Copal was talking about the course, as well as how he let us share about our own experiences in the course. It was very very useful, I enjoyed meeting Copal in both ways, in a professional way, as well as as a person, or as a friend. We had really interesting conversations, and I see that Copal is very advanced, very open-hearted, and very professional, as well as and very kind as a person. I was pleasantly surprised and very content with course material that he presented and gave us the handouts of. Also, with the whole experience, and the people. It was wholesome and pleasant experience. Now i will use the techniques that I got from Copal in my everyday life, such as self-healing meditation and lightbody exercise, as well as i’ll use techniques on clients, during channeling. I’m very happy that now i have this opportunity to be a part of this network of healers and to use my potential as a healer which I feel I’d had since i was born but now copal helped me to actually use it and apply it in professional and structured way, although at the same time keeping my personal intuitive methods. All in all, I’m really happy and I would 100% recommend any Copal’s course to anyone who’d like to engage more into an energy healing work, as well as improve their own self-healing abilities. Thank you Copal.

  4. Lauren Butler

    I attended the shamanic wisdom and energy healing weekend in Manchester Feb 2024 and it was honestly the best weekend EVER, not only was the course material and Copal himself epic but the people I met there were so special 🫶🏼💛💫 the energy in the room was out of this world and I learnt so much from them as well as Copal… I loved the weekend course soooo much that I have now gone on to do the year course with Copal… meeting Copal and participating in that weekend felt like coming home, like I’d met my tribe 🥰 I was on such a high afterwards it was truly life changing … i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course , Copal is also quick to response to any queries or questions I have , he’s just an awesome guy and teacher 🪶❤️🙏🏼

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