The Fundamentals of Shamanic Energy Healing


The Fundamentals of Shamanic Energy Healing



Whether you’re brand new to shamanic work, energy healing or a have held a black belt in Reiki for 20 years, this course has the potential to blow your reality wide open to a whole multiverse of new and exciting possibilities.


Learn my

5 keys to Shamanic Energy Healing

in this practical, online short-course


Key 1 –  Opening and holding a pure channel of Divine Healing Energy

Note: this is not the same as Reiki whery you would channel Rei (universal energy).

In this Key, I’ll show you how to use your connection with TWO Sources: The Divine Masculine (Source/God/Creator/The Universe (Rei)/Great Spirit or many other names) & The Divine Feminine (Mother Earth/Nature/Gaia/Pachamama) this creates a powerful circuit of energy that is infinitely more powerful.

Key 2 –  Using your breath and body powerful healing tools

You were born with all the equipment you need to be a powerful healer it’s just that you’ve probably never been shown how to bring it on or fully online.

Key 3 –  Creating and manifesting a better reality

The missing secrets from The Secret or “How come my manifestation techniques aren’t working? & what can I do to create a better world for myself & everyone else?”

Key 4 –  Holding space for others to heal

Learn the tips & tricks I’ve used for decades to hold a safe, comfortable space for thousands of clients & perform your own healing session for someone else using the techniques from this course.

Key 5 –  Protecting yourself from negative energy

The #1 most asked question I get asked is “HOW CAN I PROTECT MYSELF FROM NEGATIVE ENERGY?”

The truth is that our energy field constantly needs cleansing & clearing.  Once you learn this Key, you’ll be able to clear yourself quickly, completely anytime you need with no need for gimmicks, tools or smoke

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