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Tarot reading for Josie

By October 26, 2021No Comments

This reading was for a young woman of 19, we’ll call her Josie. She was asking about her life lessons & what she needed to know or do to step into her power.

The 2 cards in the top left corner were from the cut of the deck. They are always significant & in this case; the 4 of Pentacles which represent energy that can’t flow because it is being tightly held on to & the High Priestess – the quiet voice of intuition. In the cut, they are opposing suggesting that Josie is holding on to something earthly (pentacles) that prevents her from connecting with her higher self & her inner wisdom. As we progress, we see how this is the message of the reading.

Against the advice of her peers, Josie had just left her job: something she’d really wanted to do. The first card in the Celtic cross (obscured by the 3 of Cups) is the 7 of swords & represents Josie looking back at what she’s left behind: steady income, job security, relationships with workmates & potential career advancement opportunities for…

The 3 of Cups which is all about joy, celebration & sharing the good times with friends that is now available since quitting. Josie had shared with me that pre-job she had enjoyed many activities like swimming & riding that really made her happy but the perceived necessity of the job (the earthly bind from the cut of the deck) had taken over her life & she no longer had time for the things she loved. Coming from a reasonably wealthy background she really didn’t need to make such a sacrifice. Even so, Josie still found herself, like the character in the 7 of Swords looking back in wonder of if she had either done the right thing in leaving or if she’d made a horrible mistake. We’ll see shortly how this has become a pattern for Josie that could easily govern her future life’s decisions.

Below the first 2 cards in the spread is the 6 of Cups & above, the 9 of Pentacles. In their respective positions, they represent the foundation of the story & the desired outcome. The background of the issue (the stuckness of energy blocking her intuition) comes from childhood. Not necessarily trauma but certainly a conditioned pattern of behaviour learned while Josie was young. Possibly mimicking a parent, someone prone to holding onto issues or worrying about money, security or just tense. The goal is beautifully represented by the 9 of Pentacles as a lady of leisure. A vision of Josie enjoying life in comfort & abundance with not a care in the world. Of course, this is what Josie desires for herself: a fulfilling life where she has the time to enjoy her favoured pursuits.

In the position the Magician sits he represents an energy of the past: an ability Josie has always had to manifest her reality. A benefit of life in a wealthy family where she had many resources at her fingertips. The Chariot is in the future or at least a possible future – if things carry on as they are. The Chariot represents a ‘stuckness’ caused by a split within Josie a difference in the desires of the head & heart if you like. Josie’s heart yearns to enjoy her swimming & riding & all the things she did that made her happy before she gave away all her time to her job. Her mind, however, is telling her she has responsibilities & must work to be an upstanding member of society. In such a double bind Josie will be in a state of paralysis: much like our charioteer who’s horses wish to travel in different directions. It is the job of the charioteer to yoke in the horses & determine the direction of travel.

Now the scene is set we can progress up the column on the right-hand side of the reading: the Death card is not as scary as people often think. It rarely if ever means the death of the immediate body but hints towards change & transformation, usually in a big way. Josie can expect her reflections on her head/heart quandary to springboard her into her next phase of life.

The Page of Pentacles looks in wonder at the riches at his disposal & then at the world at her feet & sees how the blessings of her life can enable her to go on a magical journey of discovery both out in the world & in her own consciousness.

The 2 of Cups in this position represents Josie’s hopes & fears. The character in the painting is, like the plate spinner in the circus, has attention on many things.
It can be quite daunting to juggle all the balls life throws us & Josie is worried that she can’t manage to live a fulfilling life without the support of her family’s wealth yet yearns for her own independence.

The final card in the spread: The 7 of Cups is most encouraging. It shows Josie that she has so many options & opportunities available to her now & that the future will reveal. Options she hasn’t thought of yet or even dare to imagine. Josie needs to acknowledge her fears, welcome her heart’s desires & embrace the gifts life has given her. This is the perfect time for Josie to go travelling & experience what the world can teach her before surrendering to a more responsible life. Then when that time comes she will be able to embrace it wholeheartedly.

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