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Why I don’t want to heal you

By October 26, 2021No Comments

As a Healer, my focus is primarily do what I can to help a person to empower themselves so they can do their own healing work.

If that fails my back up plan is to actually empower them to do their own healing work.

A very last resort is to do the healing work for them.

Empowerment is key because if a healer does the work, the person usually doesn’t see the opportunity to learn the lesson in how to do it for themselves will often manifest the same problem again further down the road. (Then they may even loose faith in the healing process altogether)

People go to a doctor to be fixed because they don’t believe they have the ability or the knowledge to self heal. They give away their power to an authority (funded by drug companies. Don’t get me started) and very often end up sick again because ultimately they do not know how to take responsibility for their own health.

A Shamanic Energy Healer in their integrity does not want to take power from clients in this way but also knows that giving power to them is not the solution either.

A Shamanic Energy Healer will help you find the power within yourself. Then you can realise that you can do anything.

Healing is really learning the lessons life is teaching then growing evolving from that experience. If I take away someone’s opportunity for growth by taking away their problems, I may ultimately do little more than stunt their spiritual growth. How is this helpful?

If I show or guide a person how to find within themselves the strength, courage, power determination, self respect, love & everything else they need. They no longer need me as they are empowered by themselves Nd God. That to me seems much more of benefit.

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